BFIS Animation Contest is an animation contest involving Sunscreen, Bugspray and Napkin that started on January 26, 2014.  It is here to show other people's skills in animating a sleepy character.

It's kind of like:

  • Inanimate Insanity's Apple & Baseball audition
  • Object Twoniverse's Map & Ice Cream audition
  • Inanimate Insanity's "Test Tube Dare" contest


BFIS Audition

BFIS Audition

TotalTurtleTaco's (the first one ever)

ANIMATING (and lip sync) CONTEST

ANIMATING (and lip sync) CONTEST

Teh Best Fan of BFDI and BFDIA's (from Scratch)


Bugspray / Hey there!  Remember our plan for this morning?

Sunscreen / Yep, I sure do!

Bugspray / Then let's get started!

(Sunscreen leaves, then walks over to Napkin who's lying asleep)

Sunscreen / Hey, Napkin, wake up!

Napkin / *Yawn* Wha-?

Sunscreen / It's the best morning ever!

Napkin / Sorry, I don't do mornings...

Sunscreen / COME ON!

Napkin / Just lemme sleep...

Sunscreen / No!  You are following me, to see a whole garden of roses!

(Napkin stays asleep.  Sunscreen gets annoyed after a pause, then drags Napkin away with her arm)

Bugspray (runs over) / Sunscreen, come back!  You're not doing it correctly!


  • Would Sunscreen really be this annoying to Napkin?  Well, this is pretty much what Freida did to Snoopy for rabbit-chasing in the Peanuts.
  • I used Sunscreen and Bugspray for two reasons: (1) Their alliance is the most likely alliance to set up plans, like the one with the lemonade stand. (2) Febreze and Rubber would not wake Napkin like that!
  • Sunscreen does become kinda mean in the lateness of BFS.
  • "I don't do mornings" quotes a T-shirt with a kitten who doesn't want to wake up.  Actually, to be more specific, when Napkin said "I don't do mornings" he meant he would rather rise at 9:30 than 7:00.