Battle for Isle Sleep is an object show on YouTube animated by Nicholas McConnell, which starts out using a different art style from most shows.  It premieres on January 1, 2014; Actually, it's released early on December 17, 2013.

It involves 18 objects of several different ages.  When they disapprove of their previous naptimes and wish for a more relaxing place to sleep, a DS director shows up and tells them that Isle Sleep is such a place.  But it has to have one leader, so the children have a battle to see who it is.  Each episode, the contestants compete in a challenge.  Then the viewers vote for someone on the losing team to be eliminated.  The one with the most votes is eliminated early in the next episode, and the process repeats until there are only three contestants left.  The final three compete in a final challenge to see who will win Isle Sleep and decide who else can enter it.

Will Isle Sleep be available when the battle is over?  Find out by watching the first season of the show!


  • Battle for Isle Sleep is animated with Anime Studio Pro 8, and it will switch to Flash later.
  • Episodes usually take a month to produce.
  • This show is a reminiscent of Battle for Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, Brawl of the Objects, etc.




Participant Team Status Placing
Carrot Shining Lights 1st Eliminated in Z Dodgeball Ultimate 19th Place Non-Merged
Dodecahedron Shining Lights 2nd Eliminated in Creating Comfort 18th Place
Eggy Shining Lights 3rd Eliminated in Creating Comfort 17th Place
Thread Beach Glows 4th Eliminated in Time to Rhyme 16th Place
Alarm Clock Shining Lights

Still Competing

Beachball Beach Glows Still Competing ---
Bowling Ball Shining Lights Still Competing ---
Brownie Shining Lights Still Competing ---
Bugspray Beach Glows Still Competing ---
Camera Shining Lights Still Competing ---
Candle Beach Glows Still Competing ---
Computery Shining Lights Still Competing ---
Febreze Beach Glows Still Competing ---
Lamp Shining Lights Still Competing ---
Lemonade Shining Lights Still Competing ---
Napkin Beach Glows Still Competing ---
Radio Beach Glows Still Competing ---
Rubber Beach Glows Still Competing ---
Sunscreen Beach Glows Still Competing ---