Benjamin kiang

Benjamin Kiang's general appearance.

Benjamin Kiang is:
  • 12 years old
  • A character in the Observe-Predict-Infer magazine.
  • Nicholas McConnell's main character in OPI, Scratch, Passager and YouTube
  • A contestant of Battle Station.

What The Beam DeterminedEdit

He tells the viewers that on a blue and green planet lives 18 objects, 9 male and 9 female.  Some get along well and some don't. Some are younger than others.

He then warns the viewers that the show involves a lot of repose, so they should be safe about that.


  • He nearly looks like Benjamin Royer, a real friend of mine.
  • His OPI friends are Morgan Serman, Daniel Sun and Kyle Wenerzi.
  • He likes wearing his orange headband at certain times.
    • The orange headband is also appeared on Nicholas McConnell's old icon