Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball Nov2014
Voiced by: Retro Guy (Episodes 6-present)

Nicholas McConnell (Episodes 1-5)

Gender Male
Species Bowling Ball
Age 17
Team Shining Lights
Episode eliminated Yet To Be Eliminated
Place TBA
Friends Alarm Clock, Dodecahedron, Febreze, Rubber, Camera, Lemonade, Lamp
Enemies Carrot
Color Sharp Blue

Bowling Ball, labeled The Strong One, is a male contestant on The Shining Lights.


He's a strong person.  Whenever there's a serious case going on, he's ready to be a member of it.  People aren't scared around him though.  He is a funny guy.


In What The Beam Determined, he is first seen telling Beachball that Brownie can't speak.  When Brownie shouts "Hey! Listen!" he corrects himself.  Beachball responds with "No doubt about that"; then Bowling Ball suggests that they race together. He is relevant to very little of the challenge; he falls off the beam when Carrot runs and knocks him off (just like Radio).

In Don't Capsize!, When Nintendo says it's time to pick a boy, he's the first boy to be picked on a team because he's experienced.  Then his friends come on the team. During the challenge, he fears that his team is behind and they should go faster, and Dodecahedron says they might win if they don't give up... followed by Carrot's mean move.  Then when Lemonade finds the finish he tries to tell her to rip it but the Beach Glows bump into them and they capsize causing the BGs to win. He is then seen removed from the water by Camera.

In Z Dodgeball Ultimate, Bowling Ball is safe with 2 votes, the least of everyone (not counting Lemonade who had immunity).  During the challenge, he threw a ball at Thread, but Thread caught it only to be hit by another, so both of them got out.

In Creating Comfort, he first speaks when he is saddened by Dodecahedron's elimination.  When Eggy is eliminated by accident, he asserts that Nintendo said only one person would leave.  During the challenge, he hates beds being made so much, he messes up the beds after the SLs and BGs work on them.  Afterwards, he's the only Shining Light to not make all the messed up beds.

In Time to Rhyme, he is hardly ever seen. He asks Alarm Clock if he's preparing for the challenge to hear that he's too scared.


  • He's strong, but he's not scary to be with.
  • He is the oldest male contestant