Brownie Nov2014
Voiced by: Amelia Blevins
Gender Female
Species Brownie
Age 6
Team Shining Lights
Episode eliminated Yet To Be Eliminated
Place TBA
Friends Eggy, Beachball, Bowling Ball, Kirby, Camera
Enemies Carrot, Thread, Radio
Color Dark and Light Brown

Brownie, labeled The Sky Speaker, is a female contestant on The Shining Lights.


Brownie is a shy little girl.  It's hard for her to talk, but she sometimes says a few words.  She is annoyed by people who say she can't talk.  Few people hate her.


In What The Beam Determined, she is annoyed by Bowling Ball saying she can't speak, and says "Hey! Listen!"  When Beachball and Bowling Ball agree that she almost can't speak, she sits in sorrow.  During the challenge, she says "Hey, Eggy!", much to be kicked off the beam early.

In Don't Capsize!, she was chosen onto a team because that team didn't want to be unfriendly to the other team.  She is frightened by Carrot's mean statement, and shortly after she's taken out of the water she falls asleep on the sand.

In Z Dodgeball Ultimate, she is first seen asleep under blankets at night.  During the elimination, she makes two positive interjections; one about understanding eliminations and one about being safe.  In the challenge she gets knocked out by Thread.

In Creating Comfort, during the elimination, she has facial expressions according to herself and Eggy.  She is happy when Eggy is declared last safe, but then awfully sad when he's eliminated.  She lies on Computery's keyboard while he walks up; and spends the challenge sleeping; lying on the ground in certain spots, and dreaming of being with Eggy; and when the beds in 404 are made she tucks herself in and really dozes off.

In Time to Rhyme, she was seen in the challenge with Computery, when he says that he has already though of a poem, and thinks that Brownie doesn't, then she gets up and says that she does by saying "Yes! I do!" very angrily, making Computery apologize. Then Brownie turns around and says: "Kirby!". In the challenge, she was the first member on the Shining Lights to recite, she said: "Kirby?" then the scene switches to Kirby and Brownie in love, then Nintendo freaks out, when Ultimate and Funnel think it's so adorable,  they give it a 10 out of 10, while Nintendo is tired of giving 0's so he gave it a 4 out of 10 making Brownie's score 24 out of 30. At the end she and the rest of the Shining Lights' members won.


  • She and Eggy are the two youngest contestants.
  • She's often too shy to talk, but occasionally says a few words, whereas Eggy doesn't know how to speak at all.
  • She's a big fan of Kirby, as revealed in Time to Rhyme
    • Speaking of that, she might have a crush on him.
  • Someone else has permission to claim Brownie at any time now that he correctly paid for it.
  • Brownie got the 2nd-most votes at Misty Marbles with 100 votes.
  • Brownie also appeared as a recommended character in BFB 7.