Cookie Station Time is the main name of eliminations in Battle for Isle Sleep. It's song goes like: "Come on down, it's Cookie Station Time!"

The RoutineEdit

During Cookie Station Time, the contestants that are up for elimination sit on a bench in front of a screen, which Nintendo stands next to.  Nintendo announces that each contestant safe gets a cookie (not a chocolate chip cookie, but a smooth one with icing).  One cookie is magic and will reveal a useful device when it is bitten into; the rest are simply regular.  Nintendo announces how many votes each contestant has, in order by vote number.  The one with the most votes is eliminated; the safe ones get cookies and the eliminated one is locked in a tube which then rises to the sky.

The first two episodes have no cookie station time; in the first episode, they compete for team leaders, and in the second episode, the team leaders pick the teams.

S1 E3Edit

The cookies were novissy-flavored and there were 8 of them.

S1 E4Edit

The cookies were lemon-flavored and there were 7 of them.

S1 E5Edit

The cookies were strawberry-flavored and there were 8 of them.