Dream Button
Battle For Isle Sleep Fan Fiction Winner - Dream Button

Battle For Isle Sleep Fan Fiction Winner - Dream Button

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Date Released May 12, 2014
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Previous Side animations do not count in this chain. This fact is exceptional because of Funnel Argument being included. Yet, Creating Comfort's page claims to directly precede Time to Rhyme.
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Dream Button is the winning entry of the first BFIS fanfiction contest.  Fanfiction contests with the winner's fanfic animated were Nicholas' original idea.


The episode begins with Napkin's expected bedtime, but he can't fall asleep.  Medicine then gave him the Dream Button, which turned him off.  Then he fights in his dream, waking Sunscreen and Bugspray.  In conclusion, Tails shows up and farewells.


  • Three fanfics were completed in time without being cancelled.  They were ranked thus:
  1. Dream Button - MarioFanTexas
  2. That Crazy Night (misuse of vampires)
  3. Nightmare on Isle Street (mature content)
  • XanyLeaves doesn't like the fanfiction contest idea for some reason.
  • The author required beds to be involved.
  • "That's our Sunscreen!"