Opposite Day or Maybe Not
Date Released November 8, 2015
Eliminated Radio
Challenge True/False quiz
Winner(s) BG's and Computery
What the Viewers Vote for SL's except Computery
Previous No Costume Party?
Next Episode 7

Opposite Day or Maybe Not is a scrapped episode and the 6th episode of Battle for Isle Sleep. It is now released via journal. The contestants of BFIS are voting out someone on the Beach Glows, and the results for the debut are shown. In the beginning Brownie was tired and she sleep in the grass. Someone to wake her up it was Radio did and Camera did that he was waking her up. Brownie is start to cry but Radio said sorry didn't mean to hurt her ears but Napkin hurt his ears too and radio was right. Bugspray was mean and she ask to Radio. But Radio was not mean and he was and Bugspray using her power to torturing him and he runaway. Beachball, Sunscreeen and Lemonade met Bugspray then Lemonade saw Brownie and she checking her. Nintendo is here as he can get Radio back.

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  • Cubey's not debuting because he recommended himself. There will be a humorous incident in the episode.
  • Yellow-spider-kitty was a friend and made a fanmade episode 6.
  • This is the first episode with new voice actors.
  • This is most likely the final episode animated by Nicholas. He's tired of Anime Studio Pro and the rest of the BFIS episdoes will just be scripted, like the MPFC fanfictions. He will use Flash for SOTC.
  • This is the episode where Bugspray changes her personality, instead of being nice, she became very mean.


Official mistakesEdit

  • TBA

Beta mistakesEdit

In the beta scene of BFIS 6, there was some errors.

  • The terrace could use touching up. The blades of grass are too big. Nicholas studied the terrace in AW, and there were three different grasses and no grass blades.
  • The shadows are a bit too tall
  • Sound glitches. But there are only a few of them.
  • Camera's voice, but MayoToons200 voiced her, and he doesn't insist on re-recording.
    • However, MayoToons200 said that he'll re-record.