Radio Nov2014
Voiced by: Nicholas McConnell
Gender Male
Species Radio
Age 15
Team Beach Glows
Episode eliminated Episode 6
Place 15th
Friends Febreze, Napkin, Rubber, Bugspray ( until episode 6)Sunscreen, Candle, Lamp, Eggy, Brownie, Alarm Clock, Bowling Ball, Dodecahedron
Enemies Carrot, Thread Bugspray.
Color Black and Gray

Radio labeled The Big Player, (also known as Boombox, not to be confused with Boombox from BOTO and Radio from O.O.) is a male contestant on The Beach Glows.


He is an amazing guy, and he makes friends easily.  His deep heart gets him to really try to compete in challenges, though he sometimes goes too far.


In What The Beam Determined, he is first seen with Candle and Eggy, complimenting Candle's joke.  Then he gets scared seeing what Carrot does.  As for the challenge, he is of little relevance, and he only falls off when Carrot runs and knocks him off (just like Bowling Ball).

In Don't Capsize!, he is chosen onto Candle's Team by Febreze and makes few other contributions.

In Z Dodgeball Ultimate, he has face motions when Candle speaks about the team member shortage.  During the challenge, he has a very curious contribution: after Camera makes Febreze and two others cough so she can get them out, Radio gets revenge on her and gets her out.  When Radio's the only one left on his team and the other team has two members, he plays music to distract the other team and win.

In Creating Comfort, he doesn't say anything.  He's only seen in the TOD when Febreze says "Isn't it so lovely that we've done hard work already?"

In Time to Rhyme, he's glad to be safe at the elimination, because he was tired inside the TOD and he gets a Sister Sledge Compact Disk. He tells Camera his plan after saying that Febreze should get started. However, his performance gets him an automatic zero because he didn't recite anything. Everyone stared at him.



  • He has a lot of friends, such as Febreze, but not all of them follow him back.